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Casa di Gata House of Cats offers exclusive hand made products for cats, including the Softwalk Cat Harness & Lead, Petite Animal Window Seat, Luxuricat Hammock & Cushions, catnip toys and much more, which provide your Kitty or Kitties with entertainment and a snug, secure, personal place to retreat and snooze.

Each product is created to be perfect & unique. Only products designed and crafted by hand can truly achieve this.

Casa di Gata's colourful, durable toys offer Kitties hunting-style play to satisfy the 'wild cat' in even the most house-pampered feline.

All new concepts are thoroughly Inspected, Assessed, Crash Tested and stamped with the Paw of Approval by Casa di Gata's Kitties before going into production.

We offer the fabulous Petite Animal Window Seat (PAWS), a light weight but super strong sun lounge which fits to any interior window. Ideal for small and large dwellings, PAWS allow Kitty to sun herself safely indoors, up off the floor. Using NO floor space, PAWS are simple to move from room to room. PAWS washable fabric decks come in a variety of colours. PAWS come complete, assembled & with instructions. Please visit the PAWS & TESTIMONIALS pages.

We also offer a range of toys in different sizes, each containing a generous helping of organic home grown catnip. Our toys are durable, reasonably priced and attractively packaged for gift giving. Check them out on the TOYS page.

We offer a huge range of hand crafted, uniquely designed jewellery for ladies & gentlemen. Our styles include Japanese Kumihimo & Shamballa, some with cat themes, some without. Please visit the JEWELLERY page.

Our fun accessories include wine glass charms with semi precious gemstones, bag charms, keyrings, gemstone bookmarks and much more.

Please visit us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Casa.di.Gata, SHARE us with family and friends. LIKE us if you like us. >^..^< Post a comment, feedback, a testimonial or ideas.

Shop our online store, http://stores.ebay.com.au/casa-di-gata-house-of-cats, where you can checkout securely with Paypal. Revisit the store often as we add new products for you and your Kitty.

Send us your questions or thoughts direct, or using the form below. We will respond as soon as we can.

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