Softwalk Cat Harness, Leads & Collars


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Unlike traditional harnesses whose fiddly buckles and stiff straps make them impossible to fit properly, the Softwalk Cat Harness is quick and easy to fit. Simply lay Softwalk on Kitty’s back, then firmly wrap the collar and girth bands around her neck & tummy, gently pressing the Velcro closed. If you don't get it right first time, Softwalk is quick & easy to readjust.

Important note: You should be able to slip 2 fingers in flat between Kitty & harness. To ensure your Softwalk Cat Harness closes securely, please ensure no fur is caught between the Velcro fastenings.

100% Australian Made, the Softwalk Cat Harness uses quality, washable fabrics, durable Guterman threads and Velcro fastening. The metal D ring is fitted with strong polyester webbing in Casa di Gata’s signature colour, purple.

Three sizes: Softwalk is available in:

Small - for growing kittens; Medium - for all regular sized cats; Large - for breeds such as Maine Coon

Introducing Kitty to Softwalk: With every sale we enclose our recommendations for introducing your cat to Softwalk harness and taking her out for the first time. Please read these to avoid any stress to your cat.

Laundering: Remove any fur caught in Velcro. Close neck & girth bands. Wash Softwalk in warm water using a mild detergent or wool wash. Rinse well. Lay flat out of sun to dry. Do not bleach, scrub, wring or iron.

Below: Softwalk is available in black, red & purple

Softwalk Cat Leads & Collars (sold separately)

below: Webbing leads and collars are available to match the Softwalk Cat Harness. Each collar has a bell and cat bead, and uses a safety breakaway buckle. Leads have a Maneki Neko cat bead and I Love my Cat charm.

above: Edmund models the Softwalk prototype: below: the same Medium size fits Hillary

above: Velcro offers fast, easy closure & adjustment of collar & girth bands.

below: handsome 9 kilogram Maine Coon, Alexander from Supercoons Queensland wearing his Softwalk Cat Harness Large size. 

below: happy Softwalk customer,  Birman, Kyia 

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